Profile imageLucid DreamerFeb 11
First Lucid Dream

I have been practising reality checks for about two months with no success. Last night I was in my office and absent-mindedly performed a reality check by looking at the clock. I had no idea that I was dreaming, and when I looked back, it was a completely different time.... I still didn't believe it and checked again. The feeling of being in a lucid dream was so intense. I was so happy. I jumped into the air and floated above my desks. One of my co-workers raised her eyebrows at me and said nothing. The dream began to get grainy then and I woke up. But I felt invigorated by the experience for the entire day. I did it!

Profile imageNeil Brownyesterday at 06:40
First Time in Space

I'm not sure exactly what happened but I found myself half in and half out of a dream. An orange room opened before me, and I was standing on the precipice. I decided to enter and I was walking through a corridor with walls of roughly hewn, orange stone. Thick... blues music filled the air. My hands were ephemeral, and I tried to focus on them; I shook my head. In my DILDs this lack of solidity was usually a precursor for the dream collapsing or me waking up. However, despite the transparency of my hands, the scene itself was unwavering, more so than I have experienced in any lucid dream before. Unable to see an exit of any kind, and not wanting to waste time, I decided to walk through the wall. I put my arm through first. It was hard and I had to push with all my strength. I reminded myself that there was no wall, that it was a projection of my own mind, and my right arm followed with ease and then my head. Doing this previously always resulted in a new scene. But this wall was thick. I passed through layer after layer. Suddenly, something propelled me upwards at a speed I have never experienced. I knew I could stop my ascent but I wanted to know where it would take me. I left the atmosphere, my stomach wrenching with the twists and turns but there was no fear. I laughed as constellations of cartoon animals flashed by. I have flown in DILDS many times but have always had a problem with heights. Every time I reached the upper stratosphere, my rational faculties kicked in, telling me that there was no longer any oxygen, and I would wake up. But not this time. The velocity slowly decreased and I hovered in deep space for a few seconds, surrounded and permeated with an intense peace. Then I began to fall. There was no fear, only interest, but then something screamed. It was bloodcurdling, and I felt terror but it was apart from me and I could examine it as such. I young girl, her face contorted with an insane blood-thirst leapt at my neck with her blacken teeth barred. I smiled and said, "hello". Her face transformed back to a normal girl and she faded into the kaleidoscopic blur of planets and stars. I found myself standing by an aeroplane on a floating rock. There was a shy looking lady doing maintenance. I asked her why she was there, and she replied that she was there to help me. I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she told me to put on an old WW1 type helmet. I sat in the aeroplane with a rudder between my legs looking down at a tiny Earth. Then I was back in bed. When I wake from DILDs it is accompanied by the grogginess of sleep, but not this time. I was completely awake and felt I had been bodily thrown on the bed rather than waking from sleep.

Profile imageNeil BrownFeb 7
Flying to the Sea

I arrive home to find my wife and daughter in the bedroom. Before I tell them why I am home so early I realise that there is something strange about the bedroom. It is not my room. I read some writing on the wall and when I look back, it...... has changed. I go to the window and try to push my arm through the glass. It doesn't work. I remind myself that I am dreaming and imagine the window having the texture of butter. This time it works. I push the other arm through, and then my legs. I push my head through and find myself standing on the ledge. I am really high and I begin to doubt that I'm dreaming but remind myself that I have just walked through a window. I imagine energy coming from the soles of my feet and I fly. I decide I want to go to the sea and follow a river. The river has a very Asian feel to it and I follow it as it twists and turns I arrive at the sea. I see a girl walking in a raincoat. The dream begins to fade. I try to stablise the dream by looking at my hands, but wake up.

Profile imageCurtis BurkeFeb 7

I was in school and suddenly realised that I graduated many years ago. I remembered that I had intended to visit Paris the next time I became lucid. I span around while focussing on a memory of Paris I had. When I stopped revolving I was standing in the middle... of a road in Paris. Cars honked their horns at me. I began to feel agitated but reminded myself that I was dreaming and that everything I was seeing was a product of my mind. An old Renault car approached me. He honked his horn and I laughed. The driver was smoking a cigar. I raised my hand and flung the car sideways. It rolled and smashed through a shop window. People screamed. I decided to test my abilities further, and threw some more cars into the air. A woman in a black dress asked me what I was doing and I explained that I was dreaming. She looked at me as though I was crazy. The dream faded. I span again but woke up in bed. I performed an RC as I always do when I awake, and I was still dreaming. I flew out of the window. In the distance were some snow-covered mountains, and I headed towards them. The scenery became grainy and before I could spin again and solidify the dream, I was awake.

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