MILD Technique

MILD Technique

by Neil Brown

MILD stands for mnemonic induced lucid dreams. It involves going to sleep normally i.e. dreaming unconsciously and then realising you are dreaming. How do you train yourself to realise that you are dreaming?

Reality Checks

Dreams are predominately manifestations of our waking lives. We often dream about the people in our lives, the places that we have been or want to go to, or fear to go to. Our cognitive habits and reactions to stimuli are replayed during sleep.

The key to MILD is to establish a habit of questioning whether you are dreaming while awake. Eventually, this inquiry will be repeated during a dream and you will become lucid. Proponents of this method, commonly use the following reality checks to determine if they are dreaming.

People find some reality checks more effective than others. Find one that feels right and perform it during the day. Eventually, you will start doing it in your dreams and you can begin your nocturnal adventures.

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash