Reality Checks

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How to use Reality Checks to Have Lucid Dreams

by Neil Brown

A reality check is a lucid-dreaming technique to induce DILDs (dream induced lucid dreams). It also serves to enhance awareness in both DILDs and WILDSs (wake induced lucid dreams). This lucid-dreaming technique increases self-awareness and helps to have more lucid dreams. Implement these techniques regularly, and they will filter into your nocturnal adventures, helping you to recognise that you are dreaming.

Why do a Reality Check

Experiencing lucid dreams depends on our ability to distinguish between dreams and waking life. All five of our senses are functional when dreaming. We can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. To test if we are dreaming, we must first formulate the question and then perform a reliable test. Recognising dream signs compel us to ask the question; a reality check answers it.

How a Reality Check Works

By making small changes in the way we think during the day - by increasing our self-awareness - we can improve our chances of becoming lucid. How often do you question if you are awake? If you are not already a lucid dreamer, then the answer is probably never. This questioning is essential in recognising that we are dreaming. Dreams are comprised of what we do and think when awake. We dream of places, we have been or want to go, people, we know or have known.

We react the same way to situations in our dreams as we do in our waking lives. If we challenge whether we are dreaming while awake, then the probability of us doing so while dreaming is improved. For this questioning attitude to filter into our dreams, it needs to become habitual. For beginners, it is useful to set the alarm on your phone to remind you to ask the question.

If we have good dream recall, we can train ourselves to question waking life whenever we see particular things that frequently occur in our dreams. If you often dream about your office, then performing a test whenever you enter or sit down at your desk, will have a significant impact on you having a lucid dream.

Reality Checks are not Dream Signs

Various online tutorials confuse or conflate assessments of the sensible world with dream signs. Dream signs are an anomaly – a blip in the matrix – an indicator that we might be dreaming. Reality checks are proof. Recognition of a dream sign should incite a reality check; they do not constitute reality checks themselves – or at least not reliable ones.

Having blurry vision, or discovering the light switch is faulty are not sufficient grounds to transform into a dog, fly, or fornicate with the girl next door. That way inspires only madness, death or a prison cell. Dream signs compel us to question whether we are dreaming; reality checks are the methods by which we decide.

Ultimate Reality Checks for Lucid Dreams

Performing assessments while awake; will eventually manifest itself in our dreams. But how can we know if we are awake or dreaming? The answer is to perform an action that would be impossible if awake. If the test fails, we can be sure we are dreaming. Tests of incorporeality include:

  1. Breathing - Can you breathe while holding your nose and closing your mouth? Can you breathe underwater?
  2. Jumping - Do you fly or float?
  3. Reading - Do letters or words change after you look away?
  4. Hands - Do you have more or fewer fingers? Can you push a finger of one hand through the palm of the other?
  5. Powers - Can you fly, walk through walls or make something move by thinking about it?

To boost your chance of having lucid dreams, start by selecting a few checks to perform during the day. Select a test you feel you can do discretely. Perform this lucid-dreaming technique regularly and fastidiously. Never assume you are awake! Imagine what you would do if the reality check had proved you were dreaming. Envisage yourself executing your predetermined goals, flying over the Himalayas or having a romantic encounter with your dream date. If performed with the required attention and seriousness, your self-awareness will rise, you will begin to question the realism of your dreams. You might find one reality check more reliable than others; experiment. Find the investigations that work for you!

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