WILD Technique
Photo by Matteo Di Iorio on Unsplash

WILD Technique

by Neil Brown

Although the MILD technique is potent, it is sporadic at best. It constitutes going to sleep and hoping that something will trigger a realisation that you are dreaming.

WILD stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dream. It involves entering a dream without ever losing awareness. You are lucid from the beginning. It allows the experience of lucid dreams at will.

How to do the WILD Technique

When you are sufficiently relaxed and your mind deprived of sensory stimuli, swirling shapes and patterns begin to form from the darkness. They evolve into intricate images and whole scenes. These hallucinations are called hypnagogia and are not limited to visual elements. It is common to hear someone calling your name, or the telephone ringing. I frequently feel the bed sink as if someone is sitting next to me.

Begin by relaxing your body. Run your conscious attention over every part of your body in turn, mentally relaxing each muscle and sinew. Eventually, you will notice some changes. You might feel tingling sensations. Your body might feel heavy and as if it were sinking into the bed, or you might feel lighter as if floating above the sheets. These are all good signs and indicate that you are in the right state.

Passively observe the hypnagogia - let them come and go. The clarity and details will increase. When a particularly vivid scene appears, focus on it, concentrating on the minutiae. The dream will draw you in, often with a popping sensation, with no loss of awareness.

The WILD method requires practice to perfect. But once achieved will allow you to have lucid dreams whenever, and wherever, you wish. Imagine entering a lucid dream during your commute to work on the train or bus!

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